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» Tavlusun/Taurassos (Kayseri) «

Tavlusun is south of Germir and had a Greek-Armenian-Turkish population. A graveyard from the 4th(?) century indicates a first settlement in Roman times.

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Surp Toros, Armenian church from 1887



exterior view



Agios Basileios, Greek church from the 18th century(?), restoration works were done in 1819



The destructions on the ground were done by two men. One day they came to the village and told the people, that they will prepare the reconstruction of the church. Instead they dug the holes, searching for gold. A few days later they disappeared. It is a widespread misbelief, that some of the original inhabitants were hiding their treasures here, before they had to leave the country in 1923. This misbelief caused a lot of damages to historic buildings.



Adjoining building of Agios Basileios



west side



view from the broken bell tower
at the hillside (right of the arch in front of the white house) one can see the ruined Bektaşoğlu Konağı with its hamam



Aşağı Mahalle Camisi - Down Town Mosque, probably 19th century