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» Dulkadirli (Kırşehir) & Üç Ayak Kilise «

Dulkadirli: cave system with a big open courtyard

Üç Ayak Kilise: ruined brick church in the middle of nowhere

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The people here call it underground city, some say it was a Hittite prison. In Byzantine times it had served as a monastery. The origin of this cave system is unknown. To get into it you have to walk through an underground passage. The walls show a few decoration and it looks as if there had been some wall paintings.



Only with Eski Gümüşler comparable is, that the people had cut a rectangular hole into the rock, about 10m deep. This hole is surrounded by the cave system with windows to the open inner space and cave rooms in the rock.



Üç Ayak Kilise (3 Feet Church)

There is little known about this ruined church in the middle of nowhere in central Anatolia. It was probably built between the 9th and 11th century.