The area south of the castle of Nevşehir was inhabited mainly by Christians until 1923 and the people exchange between Turkey and Greece. Later many Turks moved into the abandoned houses, changed them, built new ones, destroyed some etc. Nowadays the government had decided to renew the whole area and forced the people to move away. Some buildings have been declared as of historic interest and all the other ones are meanwhile pulled down. On the other side of the street, in northern direction, one can see a child sitting in the shadow on the ground. In the wall behind him is one of originally 16 wells (I could find only 2). They go back to priest Yioyis (born 1760) who was able to get the Sultan's permission to build the wells. For the water they had dug small tunnels into the tuff rock, to transport it from the area of the southern village Göre to Nevşehir. The other well, close to the Greek hamam, is still working and the tunnel visible.

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